Offsite Computer Repair

Offsite computer repair (also called bench repair) is when you bring your computer to PC Graphix for repair. Bench repair is often times the most cost effective repair option as flat rate service fees are typically offered.  You'll be told upfront what the repair will cost so there won't be any surprises.  If the repair job takes 5 hours or 5 pay the same low flat labor rate. 

Some computer problems such as failure to bootup, hardware failures, spwyare/virus infestations cannot be repaired via a remote service nor can they be repaired onsite in a reasonable amount of time.  That's when offsite repair is your best repair alternative.

In such cases, PC Graphix offers offsite computer repair whereby you bring your computer desktop or laptop to PC Graphix.  In most cases, PC Graphix will quote you a flat rate upfront so you'll know exactly what it will cost to repair your compter.