Remote Computer Support

How To Get Remote Help  

  1. Call 803.278.1425 between 8am and 8pm (7 days a week) to arrange a remote computer session

  2. Have your credit card information available. The cost is only $1/minute (a minimum $30 service fee will apply per session)

  3. PC Graphix will discuss your computer issue and recommend the most cost effective solution over the phone.

  4. If a remote computer session is recommended, you'll be instructed by PC Graphix when it is time to click the following "Help Me Now" button:

Alternate Connection

Remote Computer Support Is Ideal For...

  • Computer training
  • PC Tune-Ups & Optimization
  • Assess & correct any security issues (Virus, Firewall, Spyware, Updates)
  • Run remote diagnostics
  • Install & configure software
  • Resolve error messages
  • Answer your computer questions
  • Data Backups

Advantages of Remote Computer Support

  • Available to anyone in the USA with an Internet connection
  • Convenient - no need to leave your home or office
  • Most affordable computer repair service available anywhere
  • Get help quickly!
  • No appoints or schedule required. Just call 803.278.1425!


What Happens When I Click the "Help Me Now" Button?
The "Help Me" button initiates a download & installation of a small software program that will allow PC Graphix to remotely access your computer. You'll be required to grant permission to your various security programs to allow the download & installation to proceed. It takes less than 5 minutes to establish a remote connection to your computer.
Is It Safe To Use Remote Computer Support?
Absolutely! You are in full control of starting & ending each remote session. First you must grant permission for PC Graphix to access your computer. Once a session has ended, PC Graphix won't be able to access your computer. You will be required to launch the software program each time you need help with your computer. The remote software uses the highest level of encryption (256-bit SSL) to ensure that no one else can gain access to your computer while we are connected.
What Does It Cost?
Remote computer support is available for only $1/minute with a minimum charge of $30/session. The initial phone call to assess your problem and to walk you through the remote connection setup is FREE!
How Do I Pay?
A credit card is required. After a phone assessment is conducted, you'll be asked to provide your credit card information. You'll then be walked through the remote software installation. Billing won't even start until a remote session has been initiated.
How Long Will A Session Take?
By calling PC Graphix, you'll receive a FREE telephone consultation to determine the most cost effective computer support option. Remote computer support is ideal for resolving problems that can be fixed in one hour or less.
Who Can Use This Service?
Any home or business computer user in the United States can take advantage of this quick & cost effective computer support option. You just need to have a stable connection to the Internet so that the remote software can establish a connection. Even dialup users can use this service!
What Types of Problems Can't Be Resolved Remotely?
Certain types of computer problems can't be repaired remotely particularly when they have an adverse affect on the computers stability and/or Internet connection. In such cases, the best option is to bring the computer to PC Graphix for bench repair. For example, the following computer problems can't be repaired remotely:
-Computer fails to bootup
-Computer has no connection to the Internet
-Severe spyware/virus infestations which cause extreme performance issue, lockups, crashes, Internet redirects, etc.