Spyware Is The #1 Cause of Computer Problems

Are you experiencing any of the following computer problems...

  • Fake security program requiring that you to purchase a license to remove infected files
  • Computer running slower than normal 
  • It locks up, freezes or crashes periodically
  • It takes much longer to bootup
  • It hangs during shutdown
  • Extra toolbars appear in my browser
  • Error messages related to missing dll files on startup
  • Popup ads keep appearing; particularly pornography
  • Home page has changed to some other website

If you answered yes to even one of these issues, it is possible that you have spyware installed on your computer. The majority of service calls are spyware related. It is by far the most common computer problem with estimates as high as 80% of all computers are infected with some form of spyware.

Spyware Removal

Today's breed of spyware are extremely sophisticated. The "good ol' days" of running Spybot and Ad-Aware to clean your computer are long gone.  It now takes are arsenal of advanced spyware removal tools as well as a solid understanding of Windows & it's registry to successfully eradicate spyware. 

The bad guys now program their spyware to trigger "software bombs" (e.g., computer code designed to cripple Windows) whenever it detects that someone is attempting to clean their computer.  Once triggered, a software bomb will render your computer completely unusable (e.g, blue screen of death, failure to login to any accts, freeze as soon as desktop loads, etc). 

I frequently work on computers that are no longer bootable due to the customer's failed attempt to repair their own computer.  This makes my job significantly more difficult and, in some cases, costs the customer more if they need their data recovered.

What Is Spyware?

Spyware is a general term used to classify several types of undesirable software that are typically installed on your computer without your consent or knowledge.

Types of Spware

Adware - generate popup advertising; the most common type of spyware
Spyware - captures personal data such as passwords, financial data, etc. and sends it to a remote user
Browser HiJackers - redirects your browser to websites that generate popups or attempt to download other spyware & viruses
Dialers - uses your computer's modem to make long distance telephone calls typically overseas while you are sleeping. Most victims don't even realize this is taking place until they receive a phone bill for hundreds of dollars!

Are You Infested?

Common signs are excessive popup ads, slow internet, changed home page, search related toolbars on desktop or browser, unknown bookmarks/icons. Spyware also cause sluggish computer performance and instability (e.g., slower startups, hanging on shutdown, frequent lockups, etc.).

Get Rid of Spyware Once and For All

PC Graphix specializes in removing the worst cases of spyware infestations. My success rate is so high, that I guarantee 100% of your Spyware will be removed. In fact, PC Graphix routinely succeeds in removing spyware that others have failed to remove.

-Here is what my competitors don't do: preserve your data, repair damage done to Windows, installed critical updates, install/update all device drivers, install/verify security apps, Optimize system to restore optimum performance, tell you how to avoid future infections, fast turnaround, offer flat rate repair w/ no surprises,

-Flat Rates - pay the same flat rate no matter if it takes 5 hours or 5 days to fix your computer!

Won't loose data

A flat rate fee is offered on all spyware removal services so you'll know exactly what the total cost will be.

Once your computer is spyware free, I'll show you how to avoid spyware in the future so that re-infestations can be avoided.

How To Prevent Infestations?

The most common sources of spyware are those hidden in files that you download from file sharing websites (such as limewire, kazaa, morpheus, etc), gambling websites, pornography websites, online gaming websites, etc.

As spyware installs on your computer, it can tightly integrate itself into the operating system which makes removal nearly impossiblewithout crashing the computer.  Even a minor spyware infection can lead to more serious problems as they typically allow the installation of additional spyware onto your computer without your consent or knowledge.

As more spyware install, your computer's performance & stability quickly deteriorate.